Saturday, February 3, 2007

Parker's first visitors...

Don't worry everyone, I promise to not turn into this chonic mass emailer of baby pictures- so this is the last one for a little while. Baby and Joanne are both sleeping and doing very well. Talk to you all soon,


lise kalinski said...

He is just adorable!! Very cute. Can't wait to see him
Love, Lise Scott, Eman and Jorell

Lisa said... had better turn this into " a chonic mass emailer of baby pictures"...that's what we are here to see! Congratulations, take care of your new family! We are thrilled for your new and gorgeous arrival! Keep posting pictures ...
Lisa & Gang

Simone said...


PLEASE feel free to become "a chronic mass emailer of baby pictures" because we won't be able to get enough of Parker. There is no such thing as too many pictures especially when they are changing every single day.
We in the Swett household are so happy for you and will be checking the blog regularly for new pics and updates on James.
We can't wait to meet Parker!
Love from Simone & crew

jenni.fontaine said...

Congratulations!! I didn't realize until this morning that Parker had arrived. He's so beautiful.
Thanks for setting up the blog so we can see pictures of him.
I'm so glad everyone is doing well.
Lots of love to you guys!!
Jenni & Jamie

aaltrogge said...

Congratulations Mike & Jo and Welcome Parker.
He is just adorable. Enjoy every moment with this little treasure. God bless all three of you.
Please keep sending lots and lots of pictures.
Love Aunty Alice and Uncle Richard and the rest of the crew.