Saturday, February 10, 2007

Dr. says everything looks good...

Took little Parker in for his first Doctor's visit and everything is looking good. Parker now weighs 7lbs 2 ounces which everyone feels is excellent weight gain. We have all settled into a pretty good routine allowing each of us to get enough sleep. The week after next, Parker has his appointment with the orthopedic specialist to have a look at his foot. We may have to have a serial cast for several weeks which holds the foot in a progressive state of correction allowing his foot to straighten out fully at the last stage. More to come soon.


syl.lepage said...

Hi you guys!
I finally got your blog info and figured out how to sign in (that took a bit of doing because I'm such a computer whiz!!).

Congratulations on your new baby you guys. It's so excited and he is so very cute - all that hair! - and I can't believe how much he grew up in just 8 days!

Can't wait to hear that little James is at home with you. He looks absolutely adorable.

Syl, Harry, Henry, Irene & Diane

Nicole said...

I am just dying to meet him! I think the Inglis family is on the mend so hopefully it will be soon. He is just gorgeous and like Shae said, it looks good on you. Parker and James are two lucky boys! Enjoy each and every moment. They get big so fast!

Much love,

Lorraine McPhee said...

Hi Joanne, Mike and little Parker,

It's been sometime since we've spoken but I wanted to congratulate you on your new arrival and the upcoming arrival of James. I'm so happy for the both of you.

Welcome to the world of children. It's all good. My boys are growing like weeds. Eric is in grade one french immersion and William will be turning 5 on March 22. I can't believe they'll both be in school next year.

I know things are pretty hectic for the both of you but I'd love to hear from you. Could you please send me your address and phone number, I'd like to send the family a little something to celebrate your new precious gifts.

I promise to keep in touch !!!

Thinking of you,

Lorraine McPhee