Friday, February 16, 2007

New Pictures!

Here are some pictures taken by our doula after the birth of Parker! Enjoy!


Teri said...

those are awesome! i absolutely adore the one of you with him right after he was born. you can just see the love and adoration on your face!

and on a side note, who was your doula? aren't they awesome?

Delphine said...

These pictures are beautiful! But the photographer had excellent, beautiful models :)

Nicole said...

Great pics!
Thank you so much for the visit last night. It was great to finally meet Parker and have a visit with you and Michael. He is one gorgeous little man! The play room and their bedroom is just amazing. Looking forward to spoiling you Parker at the shower!

Nicole Epp said...

Beautiful pictures!! I can't wait to meet the little angel. When are you all coming out to Fiske?

Kool_cat1887 said...

I love these pictures.
I like looking at your blog.
Hope all is well with you guys.

Alexandra Kreick

curtis_epp said...

I love the pic where the three of you are togheter!. Michael looks so much like Curtis or viceversa!
I´m so happy for you guys, God bless your beautiful family.
I can´t wait to hold that little cute baby boy, I´ll be back in April so we should be able to visit some time after that.
Parker is so cute, those Epp´s genes combine with beautiful brown eye girls are just a killer!.
Joanne you look so beautiful, even more beautiful now that you are a mommy; how can that be possible?...
Love Laura