Tuesday, October 13, 2009

My tooth is lost...

Motherhood, brings unexpected joys. I never would have thought that I'd experience such giddiness and pride seeing my child loose a tooth. But oh how I did!

Here's the story...

James discovered that two of his teeth where loose a few days ago when he accidentally bumped his mouth on a chair. I was surprised! Isn't he kinda young? Maybe his birth date isn't accurate? Maybe he just bumped them too hard. So I checked his teeth again? Further shocked! His permanent teeth where pushing through!

I checked on the Mayo Clinic website...indeed you can start losing your teeth at 4.5. Not as common but its' not common to weigh 50lbs at this age either.

I hadn't really talked to James about the whole process of why we lose our teeth...I though I'd have a year or two more. I read to him the book, "Throw Your Tooth on the Roof. Tooth Traditions from Around the World." To try and get him up to speed.

After reading the book James said, "I want a treat and throw it on the roof when my tooth is lost. " In other words James wants the Tooth Fairy (Canada) tradition and an African tradition where you throw your tooth on the roof for the birds when his first tooth falls out.

On day 3 James' tooth fell out! He was so proud that he kept looking at himself in the mirror...like a lot more then usual. He admires himself in the mirror about 10 times a day, this time you can definitely double that number!!!!

He quickly put the tooth under his bed.

The Tooth Fairy will be honored to pay him a visit tonight!


petite gourmand said...


I can't imagine when Lulu's teeth start to fall out- especially considering what hell it was in the first place when they first came in....

Chris said...

Hi Jo!
Congrats James, how exciting!
Steven has lost 4 teeth since school started. The poor Tooth Fairy is tired of stopping at our house. Also, 4 kids in Steven's class (including Steven) lost their teeth during one period! The teacher must have been wondering what was going on, I'm sure it could be a world record. Too funny! We were all crying cause we were laughing so hard when he told us at suppertime!