Thursday, October 29, 2009

Baking Disaster

Time well wasted...two hours in the kitchen and the cupcakes and icing where disgusting.

It was the dried fruit that ruined the cupcakes. The icing was a flop and I don't know what I did wrong there. It looked deceivingly good.

I've developed the attitude not to get frustrated. It's not a rare event that this happens.

My baking and cooking skills are a work in progress.

As a stay at home mom I don't do the cooking. Like hardly ever. I'm what Daddy calls his Sous-Chef. I'll clean up after him and pour him his wine.

My sister and I try as we may are far from being the next Rachel Ray. Lucky for us we married husbands who cook pretty darn good. I think both of our men figured out early that they better get in the kitchen.

Last week, I aced the banana cookie recipe my sister emailed me. James said it 3 times when he ate the first cookie, "Yummy!" I swear it sounded like he was pleasantly surprised.

Maybe I'm being paranoid.


Anonymous said...

you make me laugh... but let me tell you they look pretty good! I made ma first cupcakes for Jordan's b'day (we don't do cupcakes where I come from) for his pre-school - and they looked aweful - I blamed Jordan for them ;-) I didn't know you are supposed to use 2 forms so when I poured the ¨stuff¨in they leaked everywhere - they looked like sinking boats! + the deco wasn't great either... I still gave them to him - didn't want to start over. They tasted OK, just a bit embarrassed to bring these over ;-)
lucky, my train cake was way better - all iced with nutella - just great - cheered every body up at the party ;-) happy halloween!! Actually my spooky scary cupcakes would have been awesome for today!

Betsy Mae said...

I can cook but I can't bake...nor do I even like to bake. Listen, we can't be amazing at everything now can we???