Friday, June 19, 2009

Tennis Anyone?

It's our fourth try this tennis season to play as we once did 'sans enfants'.

James gets it. He happily plays on the the play ground. Or practices tennis on the wall.

Parker doesn't get it. He is very disrupting. Walking on the court. Fake crying. Throwing the balls around.

I almost accidentally whacked him with my racquet. Part of me wished it would have bonked him on the head. Like not so hard that he'd be injured but hard enough that he'd scram away to the playground for good.

Today we got in 15 minutes of disruptive play time.

Our aim is to play a minimum of 30 minutes of tennis with our two boys happily playing at the playground. Right now it's a pipe dream.

This 2 year old has the art of wearing us down...

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