Saturday, November 15, 2008


Baby books are very popular, but to try to find one that is geared to adoption. Not easy. This book was found by my mom. It is specifically created for international adoption. There is no mention of my first tooth or my first time I rolled over. Instead it has: the first greeting, the adoption became official on, I came from the country of, the living conditions were.

I have kept every piece of documentation: from our criminal checks to the court's decree of adoption. James has no information on the first two years of his life but rest assured there is enough photos, video footage and documentation of him to roll his eyes at me! He has often told me, "All done mommy." when I try to take one more photo or a video clip of him! And I being the responsible mother that I am I don't listen and keep snapping pictures or videoing and saying, "No, James, just one more and than all done! Look here James! Yes! Smile at mommy!" Ugh! I can't believe I do that now that I see it typed out! Good grief no wonder he gets annoyed!


Gaunt Family said...

Very cool book. Where did your mom find it?

Teri said...

that is fabulous! i'm glad your mom was able to find it for you.

Mommy Jo said...

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