Thursday, January 10, 2008

Off to School I Go!

I started going to pre-school this week. Every Tuesday and Thursdays from 8:30 AM to 11:30 AM I hang out with 20 others kids. We sing, dance, play, and learn a few things too! I've been happy to go so far. Perhaps I'll start getting a bit more apprehensive as time goes but so far Miss Karen says I'm doing good. Miss Tanya said to mommy that I'm a good dancer. I got some cool moves!

Parker is now 11 months and seems to go everywhere I go. He hasn't mastered the art of walking but he can sure crawl at a good speed. I do get annoyed when he takes my monster truck away from me. I tell him, "That's mine!". He sometimes starts crying so than I give it back to him. Mommy and daddy says it's fun to share. I'm not too sure about that. Parker is now wearing his boots and bars only at night. You can tell he is happy about that!

One more thing...I have 4 more pounds to gain and than I'll weigh 40lbs! It's great to be James Monrovia Epp!

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Teri said...

wow! that's awesome, james :)

jo, i can't believe how big he's getting! zach is 5 and only 35 lbs. lol! he's my little dude still.

i'm so happy for you guys and for james to have been lucky enough to be chosen to be in your family! you're all so lucky!

we're here now and i'd love to meet up sometime to meet your boys and see you again!