Wednesday, January 2, 2008

The Boys' First Christmas

We spent our first Christmas as a family with the Epp's in Fiske, Saskatchewan. All 32 of us where there; which included 5 new grand-kids in 2007! It was full of excitement. James loved every second of it and Parker was overwhelmed by it all. The weather was perfect for James to experience his first toboggan and ski-doo ride! He called the ski-doo the 'boat' and loved going for rides with Grandpa. Next year he'll be ready to skate as walking on the ice was too boring for him especially seeing his little cousins zooming by him. Our flight back home on New Year's Eve day was seamless until the last 2o minutes where Parker decided he had enough. 2007 was a magical year for us and we hope that the magic will continue to sprinkle into our lives in 2008. Happy moments to you all in 2008.


Joanne, Michael, James and Baby Parker

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regan said...

Wow, the Epp family is huge!! Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Many more blessings for the New Year!

All our love and hugs,
Regan & Kale