Sunday, November 15, 2009

New Club Foot Item

We did our second trip to Vancouver in October to get Parker's new boot fitted for his club foot. The cool design of cars and trucks that's on the boot got his attention! Lucky for him he only has to wear the boot at night. Some kids have to wear it all day.

This new item is much easier to sleep with compared to his boots and bars. Parker, who is known to be a bit stubborn, will often refuse to put his boot on before bed. Daddy, who has inherited enough patience for all of us, slips on the boot when Parker is in a deep sleep.

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Jo-Ann said...

I stumbled onto your blog tonight and wanted to say hello. I have a 7 yr old with a neuromuscular clubfoot (he has nerve damage) that is a tricky foot to treat. He was casted, had a tenotomy and wore the boots and bar. With the nerve damage, he also has worn a daytime AFO since he was 18 m old. And has had surgeries and too many casts to count.

I am in Calgary. Not a lot of clubfoot blogging moms in Canada out there. If you don't mind, I would love to add you to my foot blog roll. If you are interested, pop by my blog and let me know if that is ok.