Wednesday, May 13, 2009

The Rag Bags

This is the first purse that I've owned to receive so much attention from women!
It's a girl magnet! I've gotten so many compliments that I'm starting to notice when I don't get them! If I'm having a frumpy day slapping on this purse makes me feel stylish. Now that's a powerful purse!

Here is a picture of me and my sister with the same purse, shoes and skinny jeans. The novelty of dressing alike has yet to wear off, even living miles apart we can pull it off! Will we outgrow this "look-a-like fad"? Highly unlikely as we've been doing this since we were little girls and one of us turns 40 this month! Hint: It's NOT me.


Anonymous said...

Definitely a purse to rival the beautiful orange purse I purchased at your Luscious Bags party!!!!
Simone :-)

The Pich�'s said...

I was at Safeway and go complimented there - obviously even grocery shoppers are paying attention to what people are wearing. Note: That 40 year old is wearing skinnys and looking good I might add.