Friday, July 25, 2008

Two's a Charm

I hear, "Oh! They must have so much fun together!" by complete strangers when I'm out and about with the boys.
I reply, "Oh, yes they love playing together!"
But it's a lie.
Yep, I lie to complete strangers.
I can't see them really wanting to hear the truth, "They don't have fun playing together. They don't like sharing. The push each other off stools. They will tell on each other....blah, blah, blah."
For the first six months the boys didn't pay much attention to each other.
Sometimes I wondered if they knew they other one existed.
Parker was a baby. He had trouble just focusing on nursing, sleeping and pooping!
James was busy gaining weight, toning his muscles and getting his iron level up.
However, now it is safe to say they know each other quite well.
For the last few months James will ask Parker questions.
Like, "Parker, you want to play?"
Or just yesterday James fed Parker yogurt.
That was priceless.
But I feel I spend most of my time breaking fights.
Sandbox play time lasts 2 minutes until Parker gets pulled out for throwing sand at his older brother.
Playing trucks lasts for 4 minutes until James hits Parker on the head with his toy motorbike.
Yesterday Parker was crying and there was James sitting on him.
So, you understand why I rather just lie than tell the truth!
It's a bit embarrassing.
Brotherly love between these boys will come and go, just like most siblings!
Till than I am still proud to say, "Two's a charm!"

Take Note:
I take the freedom to dress them alike when I get the urge.
Lately James is trying to dictate to me what he wants to wear!
Can you believe him!
His ruining my fun playing dress up!


Not Jenny said...

Hee hee, it sounds like you have a perfectly normal family. My two older ones are like that. The classic move here is a hug that starts out looking cute and sweet and then turns into a choke hold.

Last week we kept passersby entertained at a coffee shop on our road trip with the WWF calibre moves the kids were putting on each other to blow off steam.

Teri said...

sounds totally normal to me, too :) My boys are like that and it drives me nuts. of course, the 5YO tends to egg the 3YO on and that really drives me nuts ;)

I dress my kids alike once in a while still. I agree with doing it while you can!

regan said...

Great post Jo!! I love it!! So normal yet so not what we ask for!! haha

The Pich�'s said...

You write so well Jo. I miss the boys so much - with the blog the distance seems bearable. (is that how you write that?) Thank you for your updates and letting us know how my little buddies are doing. Love you and have a great week.
Love Louise

Ms. Porter said...

Thank you very much for commenting on my blog, I'm so glad you did so I could find yours! Your boys are beautiful!