Saturday, February 2, 2008

365 Days Later...

Today is my 1st birthday! It was a good day to reminisce about my first year on Earth and all that I have accomplished in these 365 days. Here are some facts:

  • I was born at 2:07 AM in 2007!
  • I was born on Groundhog day!
  • My middle name is Richmond on behalf of my daddy's dad Richard and my mommy's dad Raymond.
  • I have 8 teeth and have gotten over 4 haircuts thanks to my cowlick (see picture above)!
  • I like saying, baba, dadda, daddy, ah, and I like to clap my hands.

In my 2nd year I hope to walk, run, eat more food, be breast milk free and continue to capture the hearts of my fan club!

Wet kisses,

Parker Richmond Ep

PS: Click on the the words highlighted in green!


gaudlep said...

Happy Birthday little Parker. You are quite the entertainer...I really enjoy reading your accounts of how those first 365 days have gone. You are ssooooooooooooo cute and I like the ground hog day link you set up; pretty funny.
Yesterday, your 2nd cousin Lisa was here for supper with your aunty Louise and her family. We had a good time. Love Nicole

Leanne said...

Happy Birthday Parker!!! What a big boy you are! Can't wait to see you!
Leanne, Brad and Liam

Chris said...

Happy Belated Birthday Parker! I did think of you on your 1st birthday. It's hard to believe that you are already one. I bet your mommy and daddy can't believe it either!! We hope to see you soon.

Ginette & Christopher

Anonymous said...

Happy B-day Parker, Kale and I send you big hugs and kisses

Uncle Denis