Tuesday, January 30, 2007

JAMES - The Adoption Update

We are now officially on the last leg of the adoption journey. Our immigration file has been sent to the orphanage with enclosed medical instructions. It is now up to Jame's caregiver in Liberia to bring him to the only Canadian certified doctor for a medical. Given that we had a pre-medical examination months ago, the turnaround time should be short. Once completed, the medical findings are couriered to Paris where they are reviewed by another Doctor. At this time, Immigration Canada receives a copy of the findings and sends an email to us notifying that the immigration is complete and I can travel. So, while all this is going on, I am working on entrance visa to Ghana as well as flights, escort itinerary for James to travel from Liberia to Ghana and of course accomodations. With any luck, I will be travelling in early March and am not sure I am fully prepared for the magnitude of that first meeting. For those of you who have never seen the little fella, we are enclosing his passport photo. We will keep you posted on both arrivals as the day gets closer.



Ginette & Christopher said...

Hi Joanne & Michael!

I've never even heard of a blog before. I asked Christopher if he has, and he said "Of course"! So anyway, this is great that you can share all your good news with us.

I am so happy for you. You must be so excited! Are you a little bit nervous and scared too? Cause I think I would be! Little James is so sweet. I am happy the adoption is on it's last leg. Both you're babies will be blessed to have you has parents! You'll be awesome.

I sure hope you can make it to our wedding on May 12th! We would love to have you there and finally meet Christopher too. And of course the Lepage's would love to meet and hold your babies.

You both look great. Hope you are feeling okay Jo. Thanks for keeping in touch, and I look forward to more updates.


Teri said...

He is absolutely adorable! Glad you're on the last leg - he'll be home with you soon!

Nicole Epp said...

I think this blog is super! It will keep us all up to date with the wonderful new parents to be!
I'm so happy that you're finally on the last leg, and that James will be home soon! Wow, your household is sure going to change pretty soon. Two little ones in your home! Well, if anyone can do it, you two can!

andrea said...

Hi Joannne and Michael

We are adopting twin 2 year old boys from WACSN in Liberia. Their medicals were also sent on Jan 30. It seems we are on the same timeline. So cool! We will apply for our visas tomorrow, and wait for instructions to leave. We think it will be the end of Feb. coming home in March. Can't wait. Good luck to you guys, we might see you in Africa soon.

If you want, you can contact us at andrea@basecampcreative.com

Andrea and Dan

regan said...

Happy Birthday James!!

We can't wait to meet you. All our love,
Your cousin Kale & Aunty Regan

luceandwally said...

Dear Jo and Michael: What a beautiful baby you have been blessed with. He is gorgeous just like his parents. I bet he's changing daily. Can't wait to see him. We're praying for all of you, James too. Take care Love you lots. Wally and Lucille